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    Thandar May's training story

    I have been lucky to have the opportunity to attend workshops that have covered 4 modules: The Mission of Librarians, Understanding Customer Journey, Understanding Customer Needs and Developing an Early Literacy Programme. I am now training other librarians in these areas. I conducted my latest training was at Lanmadaw & Latha Township, where I conducted a Super Sunday School Library Workshop and I shared Learning Styles, Structure of a Course, SDGs, Good & Bad Customer Services. And then wrote and sang songs for Pre-school children and played parcel Games style Recall. All of the teacher participated in teams. I expect they will apply this lessons and activities for students. I want to thank the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation, the Myanmar Library Association for organising our training and also our professional Amarjeet and Valerie from KnowledgeDOT Pte Ltd for sharing such good knowledge with us.

    Thandar May

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