• Promoting and marketing of library services (10 learning hours)

    About this course
  • By the end of this module, learner will be able to:

    • Explain the concepts of marketing and promotion in the library context
    • Understand the importance of social marketing
    • Understand principles of effectively promoting collections and services

    Brief Overview of Module

    “Marketing is really just about sharing your passion.”.
    – Michael Hyatt -

    With libraries at the crossroads, its survival requires them to redefine its services, collections and spaces. But this alone is not sufficient, libraries need to understand the needs of its community, provide the corresponding services and finally increase the awareness of these services and collections within the community. Marketing requires more than posters and flyers to be distributed, it requires engagement of the community and its stakeholders to be effective.

    This module will guide participants in understanding the concepts of marketing, how they relate to the library environment and the importance of libraries and librarians to demonstrate their value in meeting user needs as well as supporting national development priorities of their country.

    This module will take 10 learning hours, including course time, pre- and post- course reading and assessments.

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