• Developing an early literacy programme (20 learning hours)

    About this course
  • By the end of this module, learner will be able to:

    • Understand the need of an early literacy programme
    • Identify the user groups that should be a target for the service
    • Design develop early literacy programmes for children and care givers

    Brief Overview of Module

    “The first 5 years have so much to do with how the next 80 years turn“
    – Bill Gates Snr -

    Pre-schoolers and children who have been read to from a very young age have a strong foundation in early literacy skills by the time they start formal schooling. Equipped with strong early literacy skills, children have a wide vocabulary and learn to understand and use language to express their ideas and thoughts. Public libraries being all about reading, learning and improving literacy levels, can play an important and increasing role in guiding parents and caregivers in their community on developing early literacy skills in their children and instilling in them a love for lifelong reading.

    In this module, participants will learn more about what makes a strong early literacy programme in libraries that enables children to discover the joy of reading, how to develop early literacy skills in children and how to guides parents and caregivers to choose the right books for their children.

    This module will take 20 learning hours, including course time, pre- and post- course reading and assessments.

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