• Understanding the customer journey

    About this course
  • “A customer can’t NOT have an experience. Your only choice is whether its bland, memorable, or horrific.” – Anne C. Graham -

    Who are our customers? Why is customer service important to libraries when our business is providing information? How does good customer service contribute to increasing the value of libraries? Is the patron always right? How do we manage the difficult patrons that visit our libraries? These questions will be answered as part of this module. 

    Customer service is one of the key components, and the first steps, in contributing towards our users enjoying their library experience. Librarians and library staff should take pride and aim to provide an exceptional experience to each user each time the visit the library. Quality customer service bring repeated users, increases your value and support advocacy efforts of the library services.

    This module explores the practices and conditions required to provide excellent customer service in libraries. It will focus on the key components of customer service; understanding who our customers are, why is customer service of importance to libraries and the basics of providing good customer services.

    This module will take 15 learning hours, including course time, pre- and post- course reading and assessments.

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