• The HEAD Foundation

  • The HEAD Foundation (THF) is a charitable organisation set up in 2013 in Singapore to contribute to the sustainable development of Asia.

    The HEAD Foundation provides a collaborative and inclusive platform for a multidisciplinary approach to scholarship, policy reform and programme development. We study the adaptation of models and best practices in light of the contexts and priorities of the Asian communities we serve and promote public awareness of issues in our fields of expertise. We partner with like- minded global and regional experts and institutions to advance our common goal of empowering Asia’s development through education and human capital development.

    With a new generation set to lead and shape our societies, The HEAD Foundation believes that providing them a quality education and leadership opportunities will empower Asia’s development. Therefore, as a think-tank, we focus on issues around human capital development, education and leadership.

    We support research initiatives and social projects related to the above issues. We also run workshops and training programmes with scholars, researchers and experts from around the world. To share our knowledge, we publish books, produce research reports and host public events on a regular basis. In the long-run, we aim to influence policies and create positive social impact which will contribute to the sustainable development of Asia.

Last modified: Monday, 25 March 2019, 6:21 AM