• Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation

  • MYANMAR BOOK AID AND PRESERVATION FOUNDATION is a non profit charity organization with the goal of improving the quality and access to library services throughout Myanmar ( Burma. ) Access to global knowledge is vital to the development of Myanmar's society as it opens up to the outside world.



    To provide resources and capacity building of librarians by bringing global library trends to Myanmar



    To have a strong knowledge based society in Myanmar through libraries by transforming community libraries into community centres



    • Capacity building of public librarians to be competent with twenty first century librarians’ skills
    • Partner with both local and international organizations to improve the infrastructure of the libraries including technology
    • Working with government ministries, civil societies and universities to improve digital information literacy skills
    • Develop Mobile Information Literacy curriculum and train to libraries and other information society
    • Coordinating all types of libraries; public, national, school, academic and special libraries in Myanmar
    • Advocating the usefulness of public libraries to parliament and government of Myanmar
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